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National Awards is an authorized dealer of Cast Bronze plaques as well as etched brass and photo cast bronze plaques. For a commemorative piece that will last several lifetimes indoor or out there is no better choice than Cast Bronze plaques.

Cast bronze is incredibly durable, lasts forever and requires minimal maintenance. It is the perfect choice for your outdoor commemorative projects. Cast plaques are manufactured using sand molds which does put limitations on the amount of acceptable detail. Bronze castings are the material of choice for interior as well as exterior applications. Although the finish of bronze will naturally patina over time, the material itself will not deteriorate.

Options are available to enhance and personalize a cast plaque through the use of standard or custom emblems as well as custom portraits.

Cast Bronze
88% copper, 6% tin, 4% zinc, 2% lead.

Cast Bronze

Contact us for pricing. If you do not see the appropriate size for your project we can get a custom quote for you.


Bronze Plaque 1 Bronze Plaque 2
Bronze Plaque 3
Leatherette Pebbled
Sculptured Travertine

Bronze Colors

Extra Pads Bosses (extra pads) are cast onto the back of the plaque. These are drilled and tapped to accept a threaded stud. Flat-backed plates (generally, smaller sizes) are drilled & tapped for studs without bosses on the back.
Bosses and Studs
Holes Holes are drilled through the face of the plaque for toggle bolts. Toggle bolts are threaded machine screws 4" to 6" long with spring-loaded butterflies that fold up and pass through wall holes.


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